January 21, 2015

Affective Language Learning on video!

During my world tour I have had the great pleasure of being and learning with over 2500 children and 460 teachers in many different and very diverse countries. When I close my eyes I can recall the joy of children during my Buddy shows and the engagement of teachers during the affective language learning sessions I have given. Watching yourselves through the eyes of others is a very intense experience as it allows us to see how we stand, talk, and interact with others. More than that, it allows us to really rediscover who we are. 

I would like to thank Jim George from Luna International in Matsumoto, Japan and Ansemf Bae from FIN English in Daegu, South Korea for having gracefully created videos of me during my sessions and shows.  These sounds and images have allowed me to know myself better and are valuable gifts that I will keep forever. 

Thank you so much Jim and Ansemf for taking the time to create these lovely videos. 

It's my great pleasure to share them now with you. 

The first one shows scenes from the Affective Language Learning session given at JALT Shinshu in Matsumoto: 

The second one is about a frog that visited Matsumoto:

And the third one shows highlights of two shows that I did with Buddy in two different schools:

Hope you have enjoyed them as much as I do.
Which was your favourite moment? Leave me a comment!

Hugs and hugs,


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  1. Juan, thank you so much for the shout out!

    Was great to have you visit & inspire us in Matsumoto - one of the kindy teachers went to Tokyo to buy a puppet not dissimilar to Buddy!

    Looks like Korea was great fun - can't wait to see your journey in the future unfold. Am sure you'll enjoy re-charging your batteries at home too.

    Chapeau! Jim


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