Here I share some of the videos I have made throughout the years:


  1. I love this blog and has helped my quite a lot working with kids and also with adults. You gave me such great ideas I never thought about before. Just simple things that really make it work! Thank you for writing this blog and help people doing this lovely job.


    1. Hi María!

      Thank you for your lovely message!
      I'm very happy that this blog has allowed you to experience new ideas and perspectives for your classes. Your feedback energizes me even more to continue writing and sharing the amazing world of affective learning. I invite you to join our Facebook community at



  2. Dear Juan,

    what literature would you recommend for affective language teaching?


    1. Dear Lucia,

      Happy to know you would like to know more about affective language learning!
      I'd suggest you three books that I love:

      Affect in Language Learning - Jane Arnold - Cambridge University Press
      Teaching Myself - Bernard Dufeu - Oxford University Press
      Meaningful Action - Jane Arnold and Tim Murphey - Cambridge University Press

      There are also many interesting articles at:

      Humanizing Language Teaching -

      Wish you great learning!


    2. Thank you Juan, I´m like a sponge - I will absorb this kind of stuff immediately.

      I´ve just returned from my English lesson. I used with young kids puppets for the first time (after reading your blog). The kids were amazed, happy to participate. They built a house for them (I wanted them to revise the names of rooms). Next lesson we will make clothes for them.

      This kind of teaching/learning opens their hearts.


    3. Hi Lucia,

      You are welcome.
      Happy that you are living English affectively with your students!
      The excitement and creativity they are living with you through theater will be always associated with their English.

      I agree that affective learning opens their hearts. Their head as well!
      Thank you for sharing such a lovely experience. You made my day!

      Hugs and hugs from hot Brazil,


      Add me on facebook, so then we can continue talking!

  3. Hi Juan,
    I love your work and wonder if you ever write about your magic tricks for ELT?
    Our daughter, Sarah, is contemplating using magic to teach English so I told her I would write to you.
    Susan Hillyard


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