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Whether or not this is your first time visiting this blog, here you will find significant links from this blog and from other sources for you to learn about many dimensions of affective language learning. Make sure you bookmark this page as these links will be constantly updated with the very best I find and write about how emotions can boost language learning with young learners. 

Affective Language Learning

What is affective teaching? - main concepts inspired by Brazilian Educator Paulo Freire

Affective postures and practices - the name says it all, well not really. The full title is Affective postures and practices for classroom management

Affective Learning in a Nutshell - quotes about Affective Learning I selected.

100 ways to show students you care - 100 affective postures - a teacher in São Carlos, Brazil told me that every teacher should watch this video Monday morning before going to work. Watch it and tell me if you agree. 

100 ways to show children you care -  this is the very first 100 video I made. Many people have told me that they are crying in the end. 

A mini-manual for parents of children learning English - have you ever wished you had something to give parents to understand how they can participate in the language learning of their children? Your wish has been granted!

The remembering circle - a very interesting way to make students present in the group when they are absent. 

Affective Language Learning Facebook page - news about the world of affective language learning straight to your facebook wall. I post here everything I write and find interesting. 

My Affective Language Learning Pinterest board -  lots of great stuff for English teachers of young learners. You will surely spend at least an hour browsing here. Some people entered and have never left. Be careful!

I have selected and analyzed 4 segments of 3 videos in my Affective Teaching Scenes series: 

Movie: Seven Years in Tibet -  the real story of a mountaineer who taught English to the Dalai Lama and interpretation of affective teaching postures.

Movie: Mr. Holland's Opus (Gertrude) -  beautiful scenes in which a music teacher inspires Gertrude to play the flute affectively. Interpretations too!

Movie: Mr.Holland's Opus (Russ) - fantastic scenes in which the very same teacher invests in and believes Russ will learn to play the drums. Interpretations too!

Movie: Every Child is Special - an art teacher plays a big role in the life of a child with dyslexia. Of course I have written a little about this great Indian movie!

Language teaching techniques

"The traditional teacher demands responses from students. 
  The humanistic educator responds to a demand from students."  
                                                                                    Bernard Dufeu

Here below you can learn how to respond to students' linguistic demands aligning what they learn and say with what they feel and think. You probably have seen many of these linguistic interactions, but many will be totally new. 

Pre-production - hints and ways to interact with very young learners and true beginners. 

Early Production - helping students to produce their very first words in a success oriented way. 

Speech Emergence - letting students make their very own sentences. My favorite phase!

Intermediate Fluency - refining students' speech through humanistic strategies. 

Advanced Fluency - will write it very soon! 


Fostering Self-Esteem Through Storytelling - here I focus on how important it is to tell stories to children. 

A passion for Big Books - we have here many different techniques and strategies you can use while telling stories to young language learners. 

Hook and Picturing - setting the ground for successful storytelling!

Interviewing and Personalizing - great fun as students personalize characters. 

Living language through guided imagery - students can imagine stories while you narrate them. Check out how to do it here. 

100 ways to open and close stories with grace - I selected these magic words for you to open and close stories with grace. Choose one opening and one closing and stick to them. Say the first words and let students complete them. Pure fantasy!

Bilingual storytelling - here you can watch experienced and talented Sosô Uribe, who happens to be my dear sister, telling The Gingerbread Man. You can also read all the different techniques she uses when mixing languages. Great fun!

Mama mouse and her three little mice - this is a story I sometimes tell to close the storytelling module - the narration by Jamaican Len Cabral is hilarious! 


Teaching English to children with puppets - still afraid of puppets? No need to worry. Here you have your survival basics of teaching English with puppets.

The funtastic world of puppets - how many different puppet types can you name? Check this video I compiled with 32 different types of puppets. 

Puppeteering tricks for puppeteachers of young learners - Adventurous with puppets? I invite you to try these advanced puppeteaching tricks I present in this video! 

My Scoopit selection on Puppets - tons of videos I have selected with great puppeteers and their puppets. Do you know any that you really like? Tell me and I will add it here. 

Achmed the dead terrorist - famous video with Jeff Dunham in which we can observe many of the techniques that were presented in the links above. 

See a professional puppeteering at a party - notice how at first she talks about the puppet and then she talks to the puppet, but the puppet doesn't speak at first and only nods. 

Water puppets in Vietnam - I would go to Ho Chi Minh just to see them! 

Puppeteering in the classroom - 25 minutes of two great Australian teachers talking about puppeteering in the classroom. 


What happens during play - the answer to the questions including mechanics and stages children go through while playing. 

Understanding and nurturing play - Hints on how we can foster play in the classroom. 

Playing games in the ELT classroom - aligning language learning and play while playing games. 

Different types of play - check many different play types children engage in.

Play in a nutshell - some quotes I have selected about children playing.  

Different teaching resources

Using routine cards - learn here how routine cards promote engagement and power sharing. 

Relaxing activities - many different ways to get learners and teachers concentrated for their classes.

Warm ups and wrap ups for classes - lots of fun to energize students in the beginning of classes! 

Using students' pictures - creative ways in which you can use students' pictures for classroom management. 

Using pictures to sharing feelings - creative ways to engage in conversation about learning and some creative and fun activities with pictures. 

Enchanting with flying hankerchieves - discover tricks to spark your students' creativity and expression with these beautiful flying colors!

Using cuisenaire rods - really interesting techniques to bring originality and creativity to the classroom. 

Twelve affective listening activities - alternative ways to live affectively the language present in recorded material. 

Inspiring blackboard quotes - how positive and thought-provoking messages can touch students. 

Using flashcards creatively - fifty tricks to connect life and language promoting affective language acquisition

Positive Discipline Management 

Proactive discipline management - Indiscipline can be understood as students communicating unmet needs. Here you can learn how to prevent many common discipline issues from happening by meeting their needs. You might discover you do not need to punish or give prizes.   

Achieving authentic engagement through power sharing -  what is authentic student engagement? How can we achieve it? Answers are here. 

Indigenous singing circle - beautiful and inspiring ritual that one indigenous tribe does to their members who misbehave. 

Building rapport thru child-led interactions - affective and effective ways that psychologists help parents to build rapport with their intolerant children. Might be helpful. Very interesting bug-in-the-ear technique!

Affective and effective management of a language school for young learners

Hiring the best teachers for young learners - understanding some of the reasons that turnover happens as a result of inadequate teacher selection. Of course you will find possible ways to do it right!

Affective and effective leading practices and postures for school directors -  very soon!

Just fun! 

50 jokes for young learners - here you have many of the jokes I tell during the session! 

Alphabet riddles - which country can sting you? Check this answer and many other riddles here!

Country riddles - go around the world having fun!

Great ways to say goodbye to children - use these catchy sentences to make the goodbye moments fun and memorable. 

Neat attention grabbers for young learners - great ways to get students to pay attention to you. Catchy A-B patterns. 

Check my personal links

My trajectory as an educator - here you can check about courses I have taken and where and with whom I have learned a lot about affective learning. 

My facebook profile - I mostly post educational information with some personal stuff. Feel free to add me!

My twitter account - One hundred percent educational links. 

Playmobil and Affective Language Learning - how the dream of affective language learning started for me. 

A passion or an obsession with frogs -  this is for the very curious about my childhood memories with frogs - Bonus: you can see me dressed up as a frog! 

Juan Uribe Ensino Afetivo Facebook page - learn about the news and work that is done at Juan Uribe Ensino Afetivo. 

Wow, are you still here? Congrats! 
I am giving you a big hug now!

Would you like to suggest any other links? 
Tell me and will add them here! 

I wish you happy affective language learning with your young learners!!!


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