September 18, 2014

Fifty country riddles for the young at heart

I was recently in Konya, Turkey with a great team of teacher educators from SELT Academy giving an initial teacher training program to Algerian teachers who are going to teach in Turkish schools. I have already shared the alphabet riddles we enjoyed during our a  30-minute van ride to school. Today I share another topic we really had a great time creating and challenging each other: country riddles!

1. What country might break? China.

2. What country is in a rush? RUSH-ia 

3. Which country wants more food? HUNGRY. 

4. Which country hurts? S-PAIN.

5. Which country is oily? GREASE.  

6. Which country is spicy? CHILI.

7. Which country is not hot? CHILLY.

8. Which country can melt? ICE-land. 

9. Which country likes to sing? SING- apore

10. Which country goes well with toast? JAM - aica.

11. Which country can you eat? Turkey. 

12. Which country is the name of a woman? Georgia. 

13. Which country is bossy? BOSS-nia. 

14. Which country helps you to cook? Ja-PAN.

15. Which country has a color in its name? GREEN-land.

16. Which country went to the past? I- RAN.

17. Which country is going to the future? GONNA (Ghana).

18. Which country has gone crazy? MAD-agascar.

19. Which country is what teachers do at night after tests? THEN MARK. 

20. Which country is real? Israel. 

21. Which country is heavy to carry? E-STONE-ia. 

22. Which country has a bird in its name? CROW-atia. 

23. Which country always wins in chess? TCHECK. 

24. Which country likes zombies? Zambia. 

25. Which country likes basketball? Jordan. 

26. Which country is made of metal? CAN-ada.

27. Which country is white? PALE-stine.

28. Which country gives you a good tan? TAN-zania.

29. Which country goes well with cheese? Ba-HAM-as.

30. Which country has a friend in its name? Ne-PAL. 

31. Which country wanted to be an Italian city? ROME-nia. 

32. Which country is really loud? BANG-ladesh. 

33. Which country used to be oh, boy? Oh,MAN. 

34. Which country needs some fresh air? MOLD-ovia.

35. Which country likes to go to cassinos? Ti-BET.

36. Which country likes to play ball? BALL-ivia. 

37. Which country is scary? BOO-lgaria. 

38. Which country has more than one man? Ye-MEN. 

39. Which country has lots of poles? POLE-and.

40. Which country is calling Tee? HEY-tee.

41. Which country has a man's name in its name? TIM-or.

42. Which country is used to lift heavy objects? U-CRANE. 

43. Which country has to do with Tom Cruise's daughter? SURi-name. 

44. Which country has paradise in its name? Sw-EDEN. 

45. Which country has women's underwear in its name? BRA-zil. 

46. Which country has lots of fish? FIN-land. 

47.Which country is square on all sides? CUBE-a. 

48. Which country makes a lot of noise? BELL-gium. 

49. Which two countries have a part of our body in their names? ARM-enia and CHIN-a. 

50. Which two countries have the same name in Portuguese and in English? Peru and Turkey. 

Can you think of any other country riddle? 
Which was the best? And the worst? 

Send you funny hugs,


Do you know why I am very polite in my blog ? Because I was born in Ar-GENT-ina.
Ok, I know this was a bad one! 

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  1. The old ones are always the best ;-) !

    With young learners, perhaps you get some with a slightly better level, possibly older, to write their own, possibly with the aid of a dictionary, and then "challenge" a younger class to understand them...?

    1. Hi Tom! I agree. I had to come up with some that are not that good to reach 50. I should write another post with ways to work these. Love your idea of getting students of different ages and levels to work together, as everybody learns and feels valued. Hugs from Yerevan, Armenia!!!

  2. Jus one little thing. In Spanish Turkey is said differently, we say Turquía.

    1. Hi! You are right. The other language in which Turkey is translated into Peru is Portuguese and not Spanish! Thank you for pointing that out. Wish you great cooking!!!

  3. Hi Juan!
    I didn't understand the 1st one about China... and I loved the one about Argentina... why would it be!! lol :D :D :D
    Fantastic job and memory!
    Smiles, Maria :)

    1. Hi Maria! Love getting your messages!
      Porcelain plates, cups, and teapots are also known as china. That is where the pun is.
      Hugs from Armenia!!!


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