When I meet somebody like Juan Uribe, from Brazil, who is a brilliant in the teaching of English to children, I get very excited! He is young and I discover the excellence of his work when I went to Brazil last month. It was almost like the excuse to go. Discovering somebody like Juan is unearthing gold.

Mario Rinvolucri,  Pilgrims Teacher Trainer,  Canterbury, England 

Juan and his students complete themselves in this delicious journey of learning a second language through phantasy, games, and play. I like this restlessness of his, of being always ready to see how he can make his work better. 

Debora Schisler - Academic Director of SEVEN - São Paulo - Brazil 

The learning system Juan Uribe and his peers have developed is brilliant. I have more than 20 years of professional experience in treating children with oral and written language impairment, and during this time I have had contact with the most varied English teaching techniques. Most of these limit themselves to copying something that is made abroad. Juan Uribe dared to innovate, and there resides his success. His method includes the cutting edge with the concern of validating the Brazilian socio-cultural context. Children learn playing and evolve fast.

Dr Sonia Salama -  Bilingual Speech Therapist - São Paulo - Brazil 

Juan Uribe and his group, take the learning of a second language to the depth that the theme deserves. He is concerned with the context, the emotional state and the latest knowledge in the field, spearheading an area that has too many "experts" and little effectively dedicated thinkers.

Ricardo Semler - Innovation and Educational Guru -  Brazil 

In November 2013, JALT's Nagoya Chapter had the pleasure of hosting Juan as our presenter. With much enthusiasm, he gave us a brief background on puppetry before getting us involved in making our own puppets, learning basic techniques and before we knew it, we were performing. All throughout, Juan encouraged our efforts and guided us on how puppets could be used for teaching English. Juan's workshops are highly recommended for those with young learners. 

Robert Gee, Program Chair, JALT Nagoya, Japan

Juan was a great student in my class and has been a source of inspiration for my undergraduate students and for myself when he came to present his invaluable knowledge in puppeteering. We need more passionate teachers and teacher developers like him as language learning always involves heart and mind. 

Enrica Piccardo
Assistant Professor at Ontario Institute of Studies in Education, University of Toronto, Canada

I have known Juan for approximately nine years now as I had in 2005 the greatest opportunity to spend three unforgettable months at Juan Uribe Ensino Afetivo in São Paulo. What he does is absolutely fantastic. Juan's affective teaching training course which was held here in Yerevan, Armenia in March 2014 not only allow me to satisfy my insatiable professional curiosity, but also served as a powerful force of inspiration for setting up my own language school center, which will definitely incorporate elements of the affective learning methodology created by Juan. Now I regard Juan Uribe not only as a friend and a colleague, but also as a mentor. Thank you for all the great things you do! 

Nana Gabrielian  
School Director and Professor at The Russsian-Slavonic University, Yerevan, Armenia 

We had the pleasure of hosting Juan at our academy for a teacher training workshop in May 2014.  Juan graciously adapted the course to our needs and his sessions were very well prepared and thoroughly engaging, His personality and charm are infectious and when he spoke he had us all captivated. His sessions were not only informative, but also served as a great bonding experience for our team. Juan is very professional and went above and beyond to meet with us and spend time with our students. We all have our fingers crossed that he can come back next year!

Emily Stewart - Institute of Modern Languages, La Zubia, Granada, Spain

I had the fortune to invite Juan to my English language school, English Square, in Kanazawa, Japan, in 2014. My students aged from 5 to 12 were totally immersed in the story he told with his puppet-friend, Buddy. It was amazing how he instantly built rapport with children and helped some of the shiest students come out of their shells with his storytelling skills. The room was filled with affection, friendship and humor while we all enjoyed the story. I wholeheartedly recommend that English teachers invite him to their schools to provide their students with a fun and relaxing learning opportunity. 

Mari Nakamura - English Square, Kanazawa, Japan 

Juan accepted my request to do a workshop on Affective Learning at Keimyung University in Daegu, South Korea. By the end of the workshop, the teachers and I felt like we had a better grasp of how affect connects to learning, and could articulate how we wanted to bring this to our classrooms in the future.  Juan also led a day of workshops and the result was fantastic. Participants from all over Korea came to learn about affective language learning, storytelling, and puppeteering. 

Juan's ability to experientially connect and clarify his understanding of these topics is the mark of what makes him a great teacher. I recommend Juan wholeheartedly to anyone interested in learning about teaching and learning. 

Josette LeBlanc - University Professor - Keimyung University, Daegu, South Korea

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