September 03, 2015

My first webinar on Affective Language Learning!

"One of the most important areas we can develop 
as professionals is competence in accessing and sharing knowledge." 
Connie Malamed

I am here to share about something I am really proud of being part: iTDi. 
I love iTDi because it has made the cutting edge of ELT knowledge available to teachers around the world in a very democratic way through free and affordable online courses and webinars. 

One of iTDi's initiatives, together with Gallery Teachers, was the Summer Intensive for Teachers, an online free series of speakers sharing their views on issues that they are passionate about. And I was invited to be one of them!

Due to my travelling and course schedule the only day I could present was July, 31st which was even before the official opening on the next day. I hosted my very first webinar and guess what? I loved and it was great fun! 

Buddy and I were super kindly hosted by Chuck Sandy and Jason Levine with the great theme song that made all of us full of energy. I was a little bit lost at first, but with time I got more and more comfortable with this new webinar format. I would like to thank everybody who made the effort to attend it live. You guys rock! 

You are probably saying "Come on, Juan, where is the link?". Right here, without further delay.
It is very easy to watch my first webinar. Just click here and sign up for a free account with iTDi. Then just log in and find the Summer Intensive for Teachers. My webinar is the very first one.

Get yourself some coffee, tea, or lemonade and enjoy the course with Buddy the Frog and me.

It was a great experience and I look forward to hosting another webinar. I am then officially open to invitations!

Which part did you like the most?
Do you have any hints for my next webinars?

Sending you a big hug, 


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  1. Hello!!! Though I haven't listened to you yet, I know that your webinar was a complete success!! I'll take my time to do so during my holidays as I have a lot to do now. I'm very proud of you and what you always do.
    I love iTDi cause it gives a lot of training! I did a course about creativity and I loved it. I also wrote some posts which I enjoyed as they made my reflect a lot, too!
    I believe that PLN like iTDi are fantastic as they help us grow in all senses.
    Thanks for your post!
    Smiles from Argentina, Maria :)


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