September 25, 2013

I was interviewed by Vicky Loras!

I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by the one and only Vicky Loras!

Vicky and I met online some years ago and she is an educator I truly admire, as she is always full of energy, determination, and passion. Vicky has a strong social media presence in the ELT world and she is always sharing about her students, her ideas, and her work at The Loras Network, the school she recently founded with her sister Gina Loras in the picturesque city of Zug in Switzerland. Before I forget, Vicky is super fun, specially when she types WOOHOO!!! in her messages!

It was exciting to chat to Vicky while sipping my tea in an sunny autumn morning, as her questions were very well thought and I was able to reflect and relive my path as an educator.

Here you can enjoy our interview.

Thank you for the opportunity, Vicky!

My interviewer Vicky Loras

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