I have the following projects that I'm working on at the moment:

International teacher development 

One old dream that is about to come true!

My plan is to travel the world to personally share the magic world of  affective language learning with teachers. Programs can be customized from a single 3-hour workshop to a full intensive 5-day week, happening at both language and bilingual schools.

Learn more about the brand new resident program!

Would you like to have me at your school? Contact me!

Affective Storytelling and Puppeteering

Living stories with children!
I offer customized affective experiences for day care centers, kindergartens, and elementary schools, in which I tell stories in creative and engaging ways.

Educational Consultancy

Excitement in every project.
I give individual consultancy to parents, teachers, and school leaders on affective language learning. This includes projects on pilot programs, language course evaluation, and training development. 

I use Skype and the WizIq virtual classroom to conduct sessions.  

E-learning portal on Affective Language Learning

An amazing challenge.
Here teachers and parents will find online courses on affective language learning. Courses will cover from affective teaching postures to puppeteering, including movie scenes, class videos, reflective tasks, and lots of exchange among the participants.

More about it soon!

My book on affective language learning

The ultimate project.
Writing a book is much more than adding blog posts and contextualizing them together. It's immersing oneself in the topic and organizing one's thoughts and making discoveries through the act of writing.

Are you a publisher? Get in touch with me!

Buddy travels around the world

My pet project.
Whenever I am travelling I take Buddy, a giant frog puppet, who shows interesting places around the world to the children. 
Buddy even has his own page on Facebook!

Do you have any interesting project that you think I would be a good partner?
Write me and we might do something together. I love to work collaboratively!

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