November 17, 2014

Puppeteering interviews with Queenie Tan!

During last Young Learners' Day at TESOL France I had the great pleasure to meet  Queenie Tan and her assistant Jennifer.  Queenie is a well-known author, podcaster, and early childhood educator who lives in Hong Kong and has dedicated herself to educating parents and teachers on how they can become more affective and effective parents and teachers. She has a website and there you can learn more about her books, listen to her podcasts and interviews and much more.

Queenie, Buddy the Frog, and Jennifer in Paris. 
Buddy and I were not interviewed once, but twice in Queenie's show! But how did that happen?

Well, Queenie first interviewed us on how teachers can teach using puppets and then many of the parents that follow her parenting channel liked our interview so much, that they asked us to come to Queenie's parenting channel to talk about how parents can have quality time with their children living imagination and creativity with puppets.

In the first interview Buddy and I shared how teachers can get started in puppeteering and how language development, emotional intelligence, and proactive discipline can be fostered through puppeteering.

Here you can listen to our first interview with Queenie Tan! (audio only)

In the second interview the three of us talked about how parents can use puppets to play with therir children and therefore create memorable moments.

Check here our second interview with Queenie Tan!

Wish you great puppet moments with your children and students!

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Check also this video with more puppeteering hints!


  1. Hi!!!
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    1. Thank you, Maria!
      I look forward to puppeteering with you and your students.




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