January 23, 2014

Affective Language Learning Resident Educator

Never heard of Affective Language Learning Resident Educator?

I hadn't either until I had this idea. I got this idea and came up with the concept when I visited the International Storytelling Center in Jonesboro and there they always had resident storytellers who came from far away and stayed for a week. These professionals told stories, gave courses, and brought new knowledge and insights to the center. I thought that then I should try it with language schools around the world!

During the residency (1 or 2 weeks) I can contribute doing the following activities:

Teaching affective language learning classes
Conducting customized teacher development
Observing classes before and after development sessions
Discussing the methodology you use with your young learners
Presenting my storytelling/ puppeteering show to your students and parents
Giving consultancy on affective management and marketing
Helping you doing any other thing I can! 

How does it work?

1. Arranging fee and booking dates.
2. Initial need analysis and activity planning together with the school community.
3. Presentation and agreement on activities and schedule.
4. Arrival at your school.
5. Being with your school community.
6. Continuous evaluation of activities and new needs.
7. Final global evaluation of residency.

Booking me as your Affective Language Learning Resident Educator!

I am currently on a world tour sharing affective language learning and experiencing the richness and diversity of our world. Check my global calendar to see if I am in your geographic area near the date you are interested. Even if I am not, write me and then together we can organize courses in your area and also at schools in your region.


Nothing better than staying with local people to experience the richness of a culture. I am always delighted to be hosted by students, teachers, or friends. I have already had lots of fun staying in the actual classrooms sleeping on a futon! Any room with a bed, a desk, a chair, and wi-fi is just perfect!

Meet your Resident Educator! 

Juan Uribe is a teacher trainer, storyteller, and puppeteer, who has been involved with affective language learning since 1994. He founded a language school in São Paulo, Brazil, where children learn English affectively through stories, games, projects, and lots of play.

Juan has a Bachelors degree in Pedagogy from the Catholic University in São Paulo, a Masters in Education in Human Development and Applied Psychology from OISE at the University of Toronto, and an MBA from Insper São Paulo. 

Visit my profile to learn more about my trajectory as an Affective Language Learning Educator!

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