December 06, 2012

Twelve affective listening activities

Sharing is always a great pleasure!

This month I wrote an unpublished piece with 12 affective listening activities for the Teaching Village, a blog written by Barbara Sakamoto, with whom I share a passion: teaching English to young learners! 

I can not think of a better place to have my first guest post than the Teaching Village. Barbara has been very generous by allowing other teachers around the world to shine in this well acclaimed virtual space she has carefully created. Thank you Barbara for having me! What a privilege!

In this guest post,  I present 12 affective listening activities that are easy and simple to use and that will certainly engage your students and raise the energy level in your class. These activities give me great pleasure with students and sharing them with teachers is always a treat. 
Well, here they are. Click here to read 12 Affective Listening Activities on Teaching Village. 

Send you all a big frog-hug, 


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