October 10, 2012

We need breaks to teach affectively

Audrey Giorgi

The beautiful poster below by Psychologist and Author Karen Horneffer-Ginter (www.karenhg.com) has inspired me to write about taking breaks. Taking a break can last from quick twenty minutes, an hour, a day, a week, a month, or even up to a whole sabbatic year.

I listed below some of the reasons why we need to take a break:

to rest
to relieve stress
to gain energy
to increase our attention span
to be alone with ourselves and recenter
to make meaning of what we have lived
to forgive ourselves of the mistakes we have made
to celebrate our achievements
to be open to the unknown in the future
to be available and patient
to be with people we like
to rediscover ourselves
to be aware of our not knowing
to dream
to enjoy ourselves and have nice things to share with students

I like all the different possibilities and tastes that are present on this poster and how it embraces the multiple intelligences. Besides that, it is also a great conversation piece for students and teachers to share their preferences and to talk about the importance of taking breaks.

Graphic recording by Paula Hansen (http://www.chart-magic.com)

What a lovely poster!  Just perfect for a teacher's room. 
Invite a colleague to have a break with you in an unusual way. 
You might be creating a longlasting memory!

How do you like taking your break?
I personally like lighting a candle, sitting in nature, and viewing some art. 
I even thought of making a list and go ticking all the fifty!
I'd love to hear from you. Leave me a comment!

Frugs to you!

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  1. really a great post... i really appreciate..

    1. Thank you for your comment Alan!
      Come back frequently to know more about affective language learning.



  2. Lovely post, Juan! I´m glad you were inspired by the sharing in FB!


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