July 19, 2012

Puppeteering tips for young learners!

It's with great pleasure that I share here my first videopost!
For it I chose one of my favourite themes: Puppeteering.
Preparing, filming, and editing weren't that hard. Enjoy it!

Here you will find:

How to hold a puppet
Bringing a puppet to life
Introducing a puppet to students
Things puppets do
The triangle technique
More ways to use puppets in class
Buddy's favorite

Check also these other hints I have written about using puppets.
Here I have a video with 32 different puppets you can make!

All the best from Toronto,


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  1. Very cool Juan (and buddy). Love the voices!!!! ;-)

    Best from Paris, Brad

  2. Great Job!!You've done it :P I really like the video :P Best wishes from Spain.
    Kisses and hugs,
    Daniela Ayala.


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