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I am very happy that you have enjoyed my work so much that you are considering hiring me. It will be my great pleasure to be with you and to share my experience empowering you and your staff to foster affective language learning with your students. But how can you hire me? 

Here I present you the ways in which we can work together: 

Affective Language Learning Educator 

Affective language learning program
in Yerevan, Armenia. 
I can guide you and your group in discovering, discussing, and living the affective language learning you have enjoyed here in my blog. Together we can decide on the best program for your group, ranging from one full day to a whole semester of affective language learning. I can go to your school, hold virtual meetings and workshops, as well as providing  a learning framework and material for you conduct the workshops yourself with your teachers.  

I have promoted affective education with both regular and language school teachers as well as undergraduate and graduate students. I invite you to check my global calendar as courses are happening in many places around the world. Even if you country is not here, we can find a way to be together. Feel free to arrange a skype meeting with me! 

Affective Storyteller and Puppeteer 

Storytelling at Blossom Nursery
in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
I truly enjoy telling stories together with Buddy the frog as a way of promoting affective language learning. Buddy and I have been in day care centers, kindergartens, and elementary schools around the world sharing the joy of the simple things in life. I can tell stories to children, teens, adults, parents, and your staff as a way of promoting reflection and change. Themes can be customized, so then this experience fits your curriculum just right. 

Do as many school directors and choose a program in which you combine workshops for your teachers and storytelling for your students. 

Check this post where you can see me storytelling and puppeteering at Hanazono kindergarten in Gifu, Japan. 

Affective Consultant

One of the things I like the most doing is being with school owners and directors and seeing their schools live their full potential. Being a school director with a Master in Education and 20 years of experience, I can guide you and your team in short term projects in specific areas such as fostering affective storytelling, promoting positive discipline,  and motivating your staff; as well as in long term projects that include opening your language school, restructuring your curriculum, and fully empowering your team in affective language learning. 

Here I also put my business expertise at your service as an entrepreneur with an MBA who has learned effective and affective ways of hiring talents, motivating teams, marketing virally, and financing responsibly. I have seen just too many fantastic schools whose directors and founders are great educators and need management education to make their businesses thrive. You can count on me from specific projects to a complete rethinking of your business. Write me telling about your projects and your challenges and I will be honoured to think these over with you. Your success is my success! 

Read my articles on hiring teachers and affective leadership.  

Affective Learning Resident Educator

Celebrating affective learning  
at Cupcake in Botucatu, Brazil. 
 Did you like everything you have read above and wish how  you  could have it all at the same time? Well, I am happy to  tell you that  this is a possibility! 

 I can move to your city and be with you, your team, and  students  living affective language learning from a week to a  month

During this time, I will listen to all of you, tell stories, give workshops, observe teachers with students, and think all the management aspects of your school. If you are interested in serious change and transformation, this is the program for you! 

Meet your Affective Language Learning Educator! 

I am a teacher educator, storyteller, and puppeteer, who has been involved with affective language learning since 1994. I founded a language school together with my sister Sosô in São Paulo, Brazil, where children learn English affectively through stories, games, projects, and lots of play.

I have a Bachelors degree in Pedagogy from the Catholic University in São Paulo, a Masters in Education in Human Development and Applied Psychology from OISE at the University of Toronto, and an MBA from Insper São Paulo. 

Visit my profile to learn more about my trajectory as an Affective Language Learning Educator 
and read testimonials about my work!

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